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Forward Accountability: Enhanced Poverty Development

(Coming full circle not reinventing the Wheel)

Inepd International is an organisation dedicated to enabling poverty development and to reducing suffering through its humanitarian work. Each day Inepd International works in some of the most demanding economic, political and security environments. Each day we challenge ourselves to work harder, better and smarter to improve the lives of the poor and vulnerable. At Inepd International we are never self satisfied, we know we can continually improve and we can never rest until there is no one living in poverty and until no person has to endure injustice and oppression. That is why Inepd International is embarking on its most ambitious and innovative program development and implementation methodology. This methodological sea-change brings a a new and holistic approach to defeating poverty. It is now our organisation vision, our strategic direction, our enhanced poverty development financial and programming model; and it is called Forward Accountability.

What is Forward Accountability
Forward Accountability is a new concept in organisational and poverty development. It seamlessly meshes and synergises the forward direction of our finance, human resource, logistic, advocacy, program and emergency departments. It incorporates all our processes and standard practices and enables our strategic vision to match our programs implementation goals on the ground.

Forward Accountability a Conceptual Model
The conceptual model for Forward Accountability comprises of three dynamic planes of accountability that synthesize to form a logical multi-dimensional matrix. The multi-plane logical matrix can be used in any specific business area such as finance or logistics supply or broadened to provide a development program design model. Inepd International is currently using a three plane conceptual model for poverty development and humanitarian program design as well as for our core and non core business areas in our Head Quarters.


Each accountability plane encompasses spheres of influence necessary for the effective conceptualization, design and implementation of a business area or program. Each plane is interlinked though a series of connectivity gateways where plane sub-elements synthesise to form a "plane element"  or Logic Key. Each plane consists of 9 Logic Keys feed by 3 horizontal  Logic Keys and 3 vertical Logic Keys . The model is flexible enough to allow connectivity of additional  Logic Keys or sub-elements to help determine an Output Logic Key or Solution Key. In total there are 27 Solution Keys which hold both qualitative and quantitative elements. These elements as a whole are called Primary Solution Sets which through computation of the Logic key provide the output secondary data in the form of a distinctive Solution Key.

The 27 Solution Keys hold all the design, implementation and monitoring and evaluation processes and strategies necessary to successfully plan your organisations next step in combating poverty and human suffering.

At a macro level the three planes of focus are the Plane of Leveraged Goals and Objectives, the Plane of Multi-Dimensional Accountability and the Plane of Poverty Development. The Plane of Leveraged Goals and Objectives gives this conceptual model as a program development tool attributes that no other program design tool can. It brings the future projected successful outcomes of a program or Forward Leveraged Poverty Development Assets to benefit the program in the present. In this way the model is able to close the time relational loop of program design and implementation which has never been achieved in any other conceptual model or programming tool.

The Plane of Multi-Dimensional Accountability adds to standard models of upward and downward accountability but also projects into the future to incorporate forward accountability. The accountability plane is connected central in the matrix and receives information through the connectivity gateways and provides feedback to solution keys. In this way the whole matrix is an organic and dynamic construct continually adapting to present, past and future.

Lastly the Plane of Poverty Development brings standard elements commonly seen in classical program design such as problem analysis, stakeholder analysis and objectives analysis as well as defining key strategic expected outcomes and assumptions. The forward accountability logical matrix treats these elements and enhances these with feedback from related solution keys in other planes.

Forward Accountability and Inepd International
Forward accountability sits at the centre of what Inepd International strives to achieve as a poverty development organisation. It now drives our organisations advocacy, financial and program strategic visions as well as our operational goals and objectives. In short Inepd International is Forward Acountability. Forward Accountability represents a bold and innovative redirection of our organisations energy, strength and commitment. Forward Accountability builds on and enhances our important work and mandate as a humanitarian and development organisation. Join with Inepd International to continually challenge staid development and humanitarian methodologies and dare to be better than your organisation has ever dared to dream before.