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Bringing poverty development to poor communities around the world

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Your Donations in Action

Your donations are helping to support Tanya support Maria to go to school and face grinding poverty with dignity. There are thousands more children like Maria do you want to leave them hungry tonight?

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Inepd Gifts

Thinking of a special gift this Christmas for your family or friend?

Do you want to give a gift that makes a difference, by buying an Inepd gift voucher your money will go to help the vital work of giving Inepd around the world. It works by you purchasing a gift in the name of your friend or family member who receives a card that details how the gift will help beneficiaries in need.

Where does the money go?

Hope International works in 25 countries around the world, and this catalogue contains real items that we use in our work. When you buy an Inepd Gift your donation will be used to fund projects that involve the very item you buy. The gift will be used by Inepd Great Britain in its daily work of saving lives and reducing suffering.

fun gift ideas

Community level meeting on the

benefits of poverty development with

local tea and biscuits

$36  add to cart

Malaria prevention and treatment kit with mosquito repellent

and calamine lotion

$9  add to cart



Income generating asset for poor

forestry worker

 $23  add to cart


Latrine for family of 5 in a refugee camp

$87  add to cart


Biogas generator for Sub-Saharan nomadic pasturalists

$65  add to cart


 Piglets for post disaster alternative livelihoods of  Pakistan

earthquake victims

$22  add to cart


Delivery kit for traditional birth attendant

$15  add to cart


GM drought resistant crops for poor landless farmers

$65  add to cart


Yearly school fees, books, pens, pencils and bag for a child

$65  add to cart