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Part of Inepds's mission is to inform the public of the issue's that affect the poor and poverty development. We also want to be transparent and accountable to the public about the work we do. Two of our staff have agreed to write about their experiences. They will talk about their demanding jobs, the challenges they face daily, their frustrations and of course the shared joy of help those without a voice empowered to speak up,  enable parents to send their children to go to school for the first time and help build back the lives of those affected by disaster.

Meet two of our highly professional team at Inepd International Trish Pelkman the Asia Program Manager and Vincent Clark Emergency Unit Manager.

Vincent Clark

Vincent has worked for Inepd for the last 14 years in various roles from financial manager to logistician to field coordinator. Vincent has worked in Malawi, Thailand, Vietnam, Maldives and Kenya. He is currently responsible for the Emergency Programs of Inepd International.


Trish Pelkman

Trish has recently joined the Inepd team in the head quarters. Previously she has worked  as a financial manager and head of mission for Inepd in Vanuatu and Cambodia. Trish's background as a  financial analyst has brought keen insights and a unique skill set for remote management of partner programs.

Your donations are helping to support Tanya support Maria to go to school and face grinding poverty with dignity. There are thousands more children like Maria do you want to leave them hungry tonight?

Vincent brings a wealth of knowledge to the position and has managed numerous international humanitarian crises from regional headquarters all around the world.


Vincent has a special interest in coordination systems between international NGOs and the Inepd family of affiliates. He is also especially interested in promoting Inepd International non operational programmes with accountable funding arrangements through operational Inepd affiliates and partners. Vincent also believes that followship is every bit as important as leadership, Within Inepd he works hard to foster good relationships between the many departments involved in emergencies and believes that relationships are the most crucial aspect to any organisations success. Follow Vincent as he deals with humanitarian crises on daily basis:

 Vincent's Inepd Blog

  Her field experience brings Trish important insights from the beneficiaries perspective to the head quarters.


Understanding poverty development at the grassroots has allowed Trish to ensure that issues relating to gender, indigenous peoples, people living with HIV/Aids and other cross cutting issues are incorporated into Inepd program designs.Trish strongly believes that to bring poverty development to the poor you need not only  to give all genders a fish but also to teach them how to fish. Transforming the lives of the poor comes has to come from the inside but can also be helped with some external support. Trish has a special interest in remote monitoing and evaluation systems that relate the significant changes in the lives of Inepd program particpants or beneficiaries. Join Trish as she confronts grinding poverty on a daily basis:

Trish's Inepd Blog

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