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Bringing poverty development to poor communities around the world


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We may not be there in the disaster area but by donating to Inepd International we will find someone who does through our Inepd network of affiliate organisations. Our Inepd coordination systems allow us to channel your funds to any emergency that has a high profile in the news.

    Join the challenge and think about poverty for at least a few hours this year. Get fit and help us fight poverty development in the Inepd way this financial year. Claim tax deductibility for Challenge events even the Challenge after party.     If its a high profile issue from global warming to human rights to  poverty development we have an opinion. Advocating for change through well placed Opinion Editorials in major newspapers.  Our Inepd Advocacy team brings the issues to political leaders and the public. So we can make a change for poverty development.   . We have 210 dedicated  and professional staff based in London contributes to poverty development all over the world. We also have 140 local staff who help as well. Our team has a wide range of international experience in supervising partners run their programmes for communities in over 25 countries.  

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Your funds will be directed to our non operational programmes run by Inepd affiliate organisations and Partners. We will monitor programmes through our regular fields visits by our highly trained and specialised communications and marketing department staff.

    We are happy to announce that applications are now open for the Humanitarian Couple of the year award. If you would like to nominate yourselves or friends for the award and your organisation is part of the awards then please see our awards information page     Join Inepd campaigns with Attitude. Follow our carefully scripted letters to leaders on major issues and help change attitudes. We have 30,000 members currently involved in Inepditude campaigns.     Donate to an Inepd Development Project Today! By making a donation you will ensure Inepd help is brought to hundreds of poor communities are around the world!!!  
Inepd International in the Media Talking the Walk and Walking the Talk
Inepd International has started to get increased media coverage over the last few weeks. We must be doing something right! Inepd International is bring a new brand of Poverty Development here is what other have to say about Inepd International:

the blog with the woofing dog 
"The graphs on the donation page, and the hairspray tweets from the blog are particularly special"
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Return to Rai Ketak
"I recently tweeted about the “elite of poverty development” (a nod to the painfully “real” NGO Inepd
). Somebody asked me to clarify what I meant." read more

Queer Ideas (bloody good fundraising
"I was alerted to the
 International Network for Enabling Poverty Development by a message on twitter from one of their UK staff, @InepdMercedes." read more

Congo Girl
"Important resources for Humanitarians: 1Visit to find out what you can do for the global enabling of poverty development."
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Aidworker Daily
"Is An Aid Worker Twittering From Prison?
20 Aug 2009 ... It appears Shane works for Inepd International which looks like it is a UK ... Mercedes from Inepd is concerned about Shane's twittering: ..."
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Inepd International staff not only Talk the Walk but also Walk the Talk. Several of our staff have agreed to twitter and blog what comes into their mind about about "Enabling Poverty Development". Follow our dedicated staff out on the frontline between poverty and poverty evelopment.

Mercedes Bligh: Communication and Marketing Director Inepd International. Wealth of expreience in the corporate and non-profit sectors. Bring new insights and innovation on how to market a leading international organisation.On Twitter:

Kelvin Peterson: Inepd International Executive Director brings a wealth of expreience from the corporate sector. Formally a senior executive with the Royal Bank of Scotland, his results focused and out of the box strategising are helping put Inepd International at the forefront of Poverty Development.

Anna Sans-Sagesse: Inepd International Country Director Africa talks on the daily trials of running an expansive country program for Inepd International. Follow Anna and learn from some one who is on the coal-face of international development and one of it's toughest miners.

Shane Thompson: Inepd International Logistician Shane is never short on common sense. He is infinetely resourceful in a confined space. Currently held in detention in Africa. Follow prison life from someone who knows.

Shirley de Vries: Inepd International Nurse who has never been fased by a drug or therapeutic food shortage. Always ready to improvise to save lives. Follow Shirley bring life saving help to the needy.